So who is Clifford Warren, aka the Evil Bunneh?  Well, simply put and much as Tom Brokaw would have you believe, I'm one of those "Political Junkies" he so kindly referenced in 2012...among other things.  But most specifically, I tend to consider my definition of "political junky" to be something a bit different.  Why are those who seek to be informed labeled so poorly?  Especially by someone who has spent their career trying to inform others, supposedly?

But putting that aside, I consider myself, even as a registered Republican (for now), to be a pragmatist above most anything else.  Sometimes an idealist.  Certainly verbose.  And most always honest, sometimes to my detriment.  But inasmuch as my ersonal beliefs are concerned, for those that might wonder, I consider myself fiscally conserative and socially probably more closely aligned with a Libertarian mindset.

As social policy is concerned, I believe hat the government has been too long concerned with the social affairs of others.

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